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Stryker Corporation is a Fortune 500 medical technologies firm supplying products across the globe…

It’s not everyday we’re asked to develop a Mobile App that saves lives. Our client Stryker Corporation, set the challange for our team to design and develop a Mobile App training AED simulator, which they could deploy across their global marketplace…minus the electric shock of course!

In Europe, cardiovascular disease accounts for

Statistics from the European Cardiovascular Disease Statistics 2017 edition

million deaths each year

of all deaths each year

million people in 2015 were living with the disease

How did we do it?

Think Google Cardboard… A cardboard format that allows a User to self assemble and position a smartphone within its structure. With that similar concept in mind, Stryker commissioned a cardboard casing which would replace their traditional plastic casing, allowing a smartphone to slide into a central compartment. Developed for both IOS & Android, the App simulates a step by step guide to AED training. The Mobile App is coded for to 8 languages and replicates the exact sounds and steps of a traditional mobile AED training simulator.

Stryker’s goal

The new Mobile App will reduce their unit and distribution cost, creating a more accessible training simulator to their customer base. The Mobile App will create other market opportunities and instantly support latest software updates through Apple & Google Play stores.