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R.A. Irwin is an industry-leading textiles specialist based in Northern Ireland, with over 70 years of experience in the window blinds industry. We were commissioned to design and develop two distinct web platforms for the company, Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer, and critically an internal mobile app which replaced their manual ticket system. World-class craftsmanship, clever innovation and unwavering quality is in the DNA at R.A. Irwin; it was simply our job to showcase this exceptionalism with skilful design and streamline their operations with forward-thinking software and functionality.


Wireframes were developed by our experienced designers, who worked alongside the R.A. Irwin team to define objectives for the three digital platforms. It was fundamental to create distinct wireframes for the two websites individually, with the needs and expectations of the distinct target users in mind, as well as for the internal mobile app which would be used by R.A. Irwin employees. The resulting wireframes not only illustrated how the final platforms would appear visually, but also outlined core functionality as agreed with our internal developers.


User-centric, responsive design underpins the two platforms at their very core. Where the internal stock app would solely be used internally within R.A. Irwin, our designers carefully researched user groups for the B2B and B2C sites, which ultimately determined the User Interface decisions that followed. For the two e-commerce platforms, a clean structure and exceptional imagery enabled us to place real emphasis on the visualisation of products and bring their craftsmanship to life. The logical user journey throughout, from customisation to checkout, ensured a seamless user experience from start to finish. Our core objective when creating front-end designs for the stock app was usability; the minimalist and user-friendly design lets employees find product information and manage stock effortlessly.


A key objective for our developers was to build a custom mobile app which enabled the integration of orders with R.A. Irwin’s internal Sage system. A system that was previously manual underwent complete digitalisation, enabling the company to streamline their operations and enhance productivity. Core functionality included the ability to search for stock items and orders; scan a product on the stock portal using a QR code; and track issues with fabrics. The mobile app not only improved the management of stock in a large warehouse and eradicated cases of human error, it also improved profit margins by increasing efficiency.