Frankie's Magic Football

Children's book series created by Frank Lampard, English professional footballer and children's book author.

Web Platform

Our web developers pushed the limitations of web development by producing a cutting edge digital platform compatible for mobile and tablet devices. We used a parallax technique which allows movement and interaction when tilting a tablet or smartphone.

User Experience

The target market is children aged between 6 and 10 years old. The user interface and experience needed to be exciting yet simple and engaging.  We also incorporated gamification elements suitable for the target market.


Packed full of every conceivable feature our digital team had fun coding games such as Frankie’s Card Battles, a click and paint game, fun jokes and facts, and there is an activities section allowing users to complete puzzles. Keen readers can download and print an extract of each published book, find out about their favourite team in an interactive photo gallery and enter a monthly competition to have the chance to win an exclusive Frankie’s Magic Football goodie bag. On each new book publication our front end designers create a new, fun engaging homepage design incorporating the new characters and theme of the book. By signing up to Frankie’s FC users will receive a surprise on their birthday. Check out the website to see all the features.


We combined a multitude of disciplines with the latest programming techniques to deliver one of the most exciting websites within the children's book industry.