This multi platform mobile application is a new way to find inspirational colours, facts, locations, cocktails and much more....


We delivered corporate branding that could be used across a multitude of platforms such as downloadable app icon, website design and animated logo design.

The Final Brand

The App

Brainstorm can be downloaded from the iTunes and Google play app stores. The development included an In-App purchase that unlocks more fun and inspirational categories for the user. We felt the app would benefit from an interactive menu that gave our developers some sleepless nights but was worth every minute. Try it out today and get some inspiration out of the blue!

User Experience

Future proofing the App build is important for our clients. Building mobile apps from scratch allows for evolvement and Brainstorm is no exception. Over time the App can expand and grow its category range increasing user retention.


Our developers built the Brainstorm App to the highest of standards. Our testing team tried everything to break the app before sending a demo to the client. No phones were harmed in this process.