Mobile focused with desktop capabilities, covering 150 countries...

Music & Streaming

To help accommodate the seismic culture shift to mobile streaming, we developed a website & mobile platform with cutting edge UX mobile techniques. Seamless integration with Spotify & Youtube allows Users to toggle between the largest streaming platforms on the planet with multiple commercial benefits.

Music Streaming
Music Streaming

Mobile & Desktop

With high volumes of traffic usage on both mobile & desktop devices, we are continually enhancing each User’s experience by collecting Big Data.

a-Ha Homepage

User Experience

Our early research resulted in a mobile focus led strategy and with our experience in building mobile apps for IOS & Android, we easily applied our techniques to the development of A-Ha’s new website platform. With such a global reach and multiple elements to be considered we felt tickets sale conversions and promotion of tour dates were top priority.

a-Ha International

An International Audience

Our digital team monitor analytics & big data helping our client better understand their global reach. Stats & results will help further user experience on mobile & desktop as well as the introduction of new digital features.

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